Asset management operations and maintenance

Solutions for asset management operations provide strong competitive advantages due to maintaining maximum performance of an asset. With correct setup of systems and processes, your company can provide seamless asset operation, higher level of security, reduced risk and cost of maintenance.

  • Asset managemen strategy and performance control. SAP solutions for development of maintenance startegy and asset performance allow increasing reliability of equipment due to standard techniques of risk reduction, cost of maintenance, energy consumption, and duration of downtime. To decrease bottlenecks and repeated incidents, you have to regularly estimate and monitor performance of assets and improve optimization plans during their life cycle.
  • Planning technical maintenance. SAP solutions for technical maintenance allow improving efficiency of planning and technical expert distribution resulting in less downtimes. You can schedule work and assign appropriate workers to perform technical maintenance.
  • Technical maintenance execution. SAP solutions for technical maintenance allow providing maximum efficiency of asset operation. You can minimize forced downtime due to predictive and/or planned technical maintenance, and operation-based maintenance. The best ROI is with rational planning and clear understanding of available resources.
  • Security and work access. SAP software links together the information on ecology, health, and security with technical equipment and maintenance tasks. With such information the enterprise top managers can automatically create workplace security plans and safety measures.
  • Resource management. Allows defining opitmum resources required for budgeting, planning and maintaining assets with SAP S/4 HANA.
  • Predictive maintenance. Minimization of unscheduled downtime of assets based predictive maintenance. Allows increasing asset availability due to employment of intelligent maintenance and service, as well as internet technologies for early-stage prevention.

Capital construction

Solutions in project and portfolio management in capital construction facilitate improving work performance. With this solution, users receive tools to settle their project portfolio, initiatives and capabilities with corporate and organization strategy providing better visibility and targeted perspectives for the right audience. The business solution for strategic capital investments is extended to provide required indicators, scoring models and risk analysis models to optimize capital investments and balance risks and remunerations.

  • Portfolio management of capital construction projects. Includes monitoring and asset management to optimize efficiency and align corporate strategy.
  • Capital construction project management. Allows standardizing, integration and making project life cycle transparent for better efficiency: reduced delays and work downtimes due to centralized resource control, and real-time plans and projects; transparency of costs, time, scope, and quality of seamless ERP intregration, etc.
  • Resource management. Defines optimal resources required for budgeting, planning, and project execution with SAP S/4 HANA.
  • Monitoring of capital investments. Monitoring of capital investments to improve visibility and concordance with the general portfolio startegy.

Stable evolution

Improves every aspect of reporting in terms of constant evolution and performance especially in the most important fields of business and supply chain.

  • Reporting and efficiency control. Timely disclosure of results of stable growth for internal and external stakeholders allows improving trust providing stability indicators in all ecology, social, and finance indicators; transforming data into real-time criteria for stability using built-in content and best practices.
  • Monitoring energy cunsumption and analysis. Improves energy consumption and management with monitoring and analytics.

Asset information management

Providing high quality and timely data to support operational and analytical applications and reduce overall cost of information management about enterprise assets.