1C ERP Enterprise resource planning

"1C:Enterprise Resource Planning 8" is a complex application solution combining primary paths of control and accounting at production enterprises. This solution allows organizing a complex information system corresponding to corporate, Russian and international standards and providing financial and business operations of enterprise.

The application solution creates a unified information environment for displaying financial and business enterprise operations covering all primary business processes. They also clearly demarcate access to stored data and capability of activities depending on employee status.

This application solution specifies the following ratio of data from various accounting:

  • independency of data of managerial, bookkeeping and fiscal accounting;
  • comparability of data of managerial, bookkeeping and fiscal accounting;
  • congruence of consolidated and quantitative evaluations of assets and liabilities in terms of data of managerial, bookkeeping and fiscal accounting with no objective reasons of their divergence.

User-input data are immediately controlled by the application solution. For example, when registering cash payments the system checks for availability of cash accounting for all existing requests for expenses. And when registering product shipment, the system checks for account settlements with a consignee.

The application solution is supplied with a set of interfaces providing each user with top-priority access to required data and mechanisms of the application solution.

Regulatory accounting (bookkeeping and fiscal) by organizations is performed in a local currency, while enterprise-wide managerial accounting may specify any currency. In different organization within a unified information base, there can be different taxation systems: one organization may use a standard taxation system, while another – simplified taxation system; they can also use different policy settings for bookkeeping and fiscal accounting. Moreover, some types of operations can employ a uniform tax on imputed income.

The solution of "1C:Enterprise Resource Planning 8" is based on up-to-date technology platform "1С:Enterprise 8". Aside from platform, the software bundle includes configuration of "Enterprise Resource Planning".

This provides high reliability and efficiency of the application solution, its scalability, and applicability to build distributed systems, integration with other information systems. Internal structure of application solution is completely open to study and setup for specified enterprise requirements.

"1C: Enterprise Resource Planning 8" can be used in several departments and production service centers including:

  • directorate (general director, finance director, commercial director, production director, chief engineer, HR director, IT director, development director);
  • economic and planning department;
  • production workshops;
  • operations control department;
  • chief engineer department;
  • chief technologist department;
  • mechanical department;
  • sales department;
  • provision department (logistics);
  • marketing department;
  • inventory and warehouses;
  • bookkeeping department;
  • HR department;
  • System and procedures department;
  • IT service;
  • Administrative and maintenance department;
  • Capital construction department;
  • Information and analytics department;
  • Strategy and development department.