Qlik Sense

Data visualization

Understand capabilities and solutions with data visualization. Data visualization solutions allow employees to easily create flexible interactive visual views and make informed decisions.

Intuitive.Use of simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible and interactive visual data views. Data can be surveyed with intelligent visualization automatically adapted to preset parameters – no need to use scripts or complex SQL queries.

  • Intelligent search – Using natural search for navigation through complex information to facilitate search.
  • Centralized control – Search and collaboration on analytical results including applications and success stories, through a centralized center.
  • Data source integration – Unification of data sources for full information view and facilitation of search for hidden data.

Attraction. Easy to interact, understand, communicate, collaborate, and share data with any device using easy-to-use visual interface.

  • Intelligent, interactive visualization – Easy-to-use visual views immediately react to interaction and context change
  • Informative data – Allows analyzing from different points of view – capable of immersion to source data analysis at any moment.
  • Adaptable design – Access to any device, at any time and any place
  • Adjustable and extendable – Open API interfaces allow developers to quickly set up, extend, and deploy Qlik Sense in new application to satisfy unique business needs

Easy-to-start, easy-to-develop.Transforms your team to developers. Maximize skills and experience focusing at what they know best, instead of data setups.

  • Quick, intelligent data download – Graphic functionality using masters supports several data sources and file types.
  • Preset shared visualization library – Allows using data models, applications, dashboards and user experiences of a team.
  • Security – Flexible protection of data and content at all devices.
  • Scalability for enterprise – Advantages of self-detection due to secure data management and enterprise-wide analytics.