OpenText Infoarchive


Data can stay trapped in previous applications, while the business evolves.

It is like riding a race car with a multi-ton truck coupled behind. Due to regulatory requirements and industry standards, this data can pile up into huge amounts. To support business processes, we need to maintain legacy applications, and all related expenses are perceived negatively.

What makes InfoArchive different?

OpenText InfoArchive is built to simplify operation while keeping all your basic parameters – from saving data consistency to unlocking application data and reusing them in other context.


  • More contemporary, updated architecture
  • Does not require experience in specialized applications
  • Extended data preservation
  • Simplified, fast processes enable reducing budgets

Basic parameters kept

  • Diverse strategies for archiving optimized for source application
  • Creation and management of central pool of application data
  • Storing all application data: structured and unstructured

Data consistency preserved

  • Built-in compatibility
  • Data preservation is fully monitored in chain of custody
  • Prepared for any document requests
  • Compliance process runs in background
  • Designed for long-term preservation

Unlocking application data

  • Not only processes legacy data, but also forecasts new boundaries
  • New ways of data reusing – available for other applications, analysis and context
  • Data are retrievable to multiple users with full access
  • User data presentation unbound of source functions