ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server is a highly efficient server solution for processing of data received via fax, scanner, MFP or photo, and its transfer to document management and warehouse systems.

Key benefits

  • High efficiency and unlimited scalability
    ABBYY Recognition Server allows processing any volumes of documents. Today, this solutions is successfully employed in projects with document recognition volumes more than 1 million per month.
  • Easy-to-install, administer and use
    You can set up document processing scenarios once, and the program performs all tasks automatically. If document processing involves operator, the program provides all tools to do that in a convenient and friendly interface.
  • Comfortable, enterprise-wide processing of documents
    ABBYY Recognition Server recognizes images in 190 languages, accurately reconstructs source document, and saves it into enterprise information system.
  • Flexible integration features for various information systems
    The solution offers wide range of integration tools with diverse information systems, applications, network scanners and MFP’s including COM-based API and Web Service API, scripting, as well as customization of document processing via XML descriptions.
  • Document index
    Each document is assigned with metadata specifying its contents (document number, date of recognition, etc). This allows ABBYY Recognition Server to quickly and conveniently fill up document cards in electronic archives and electronic content management (ECM) systems.

System features

  • Improved functionality to create document archives
    Image conversion to editable formats extends document handling capabilities and allows creating full-text document index for search services. ABBYY Recognition Server can automatically create text versions of all documents – both new and stored.
  • Support for electronic archives based on Microsoft Office SharePoint
    Does not require dedicated integration with electronic archives based on Microsoft Office SharePoint: processing scenario for documents saved in MS SharePoint is specified directly with settings of ABBYY Recognition Server.
  • Easier integration with information systems
    It is possible to import user groups from Active Directory and assigned imported users with access rights to scanning stations. List of available values for indexed fields can be imported from external files or database using the same lists of fields for various business processes.
  • New scenarios for document processing
    There is a special mode to process technical drawings. In this mode all graphic objects remain intact, while drawing text either vertical or horizontal is recognized.
  • Extended functionality for PDF documents
    When importing a PDF file, ABBYY Recognition Server stores all features of the source PDF: bookmarks, metadata, applications (images, text documents, etc) and add a layer with recognized text in the new file during upload.
  • Quick view functionality for a web browser
    You can create adapted document versions for quick view in web browser (files of minimum size sufficient for comfortable perception from a screen).
  • Improved system fault tolerance
    ABBYY Recognition Server is more resilient to system failures, and system recovery process is quicker, easier, and more convenient.