SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) controls marketing, sales, and client service processes. This requires personal involvement of each employee standing at the forefront of company communications with external environment and target audience. All them need to have required experience and know key corporate information servicing clients pre-since sales to after-sales process.

Key features

  • Marketing resource management – Provides optimal approach to management of all resources available for marketing service.
  • Campaign management for all communication channels – Coordinates all marketing activities in various communication channels.
  • Lead management – Generates qualified leads and effectively distributes them across sales channels.
  • Segment and list management – Helps segment target audience and generate lists for audience communications.
  • Client loyalty management – Helps personalize loyalty programs and provides diverse communication channels with loyal audience.
  • Marketing analytics – Creates business insights and analytical reports for balanced and reasonable solutions.
  • Internal marketing – Helps generate marketing offering in a company.