Qlik View

Manageable analytics

There are improved features with our own manageable analytics applications and flexible, customizable solutions.

Manageability and controllability.Allows creating business-oriented data through analysis paths available for setup and strict regulation.

  • Manageable analytics – Convenient and controlled analytical experience allows directing employees to idea insights and making important decisions
  • Secure approach – Top to bottom control of Google Analytics applications, permissions and data management.
  • Centralized applications – Granular dashboards, layouts, and design.

Flexibility. Allows creating accurate tools for a company and project teams.

  • Setting capabilities – Allows developing user applications with QlikView scenarios and performing amendments with QlikView Workbench.
  • Combination of solutions – Integration of QlikView into your business applications and system management software using extended API interfaces.
  • Global search – You can use natural search for navigation through complex information to facilitate search.

Consistence and integrity. Provides a single set of data and applications to use them across organization.

  • Data integration – Provides unification of data sources for full view of information, for centrally managed data and applications, to facilitate finding required information.
  • Extended reporting – Enables creating and distributing consistent reports and templates, and insert them into Microsoft Office document using Qlik® NPrinting.
  • Enterprise scale – Offers benefits of manageable analytics with secure data control and enterprise-scale analytics.