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ClickMobile, more than just a mobile app

Workforce mobility is a multi-facet term for any service company. First, this defined the capability of work assignment and changing its status during execution. But now, the mobility means a communication channel required to support work process and many other duties of mobile personnel.

Flexible and scalable solution, ClickMobile by ClickSoftware enables the front-line (field) staff to receive list of work tasks with all relevant information required to accomplish work, such as object of service, work character, deadlines, scope of work, required materials, instructions, etc. After completion, the work-related data are automatically uploaded to ClickSchedule, thus enabling dispatchers monitor the work status in real-time and make timely decisions. Such linkage eliminates information gaps between dispatchers and mobile staff providing automatic, two-direction data exchange.

Even more effective use of ClickMobile is provided by comprehensive set of features (such as using maps and navigation systems, checklists, automatic data collection, timely coordination with other employees and dispatchers, etc) without necessity to switch between mobile apps. Besides, it supports full access to office systems and online/offline capabilities.

ClickMobile solution is based on HTML5 technology providing its operation with diverse equipment – from traditional mobile phones and laptops to Android/iOS based smartphones and tablets.

This mobile app is integrated with other ClickSoftware solutions. The complex of ClickSoftware solutions aimed at creating fully optimized service chain and transparent information exchange at all levels. This allows effectively managing situation in real time and quickly making decisions.