ClickSoftware ClickAnalyze

Real-time reporting in ClickAnalyze by ClickSoftware

On one side, service companies are now overloaded with constantly incoming information. And on the other side, in many companies this information has no transparency and restricted access.

Insufficient data transparency, late reporting, incomprehensible KPI’s, and under-discovered dependencies – all them affect operations characteristics. And what’s more, this impedes to make timely and reliable decisions for real-time effect to current situation and business as a whole.

To answer questions: “How company can cope with a flow of fragmented, non-formalized data? How they can transform this data into a useful information for operation management?”, we need this flexible and customizable tool creating reports tailored for business needs.

ClickSoftware company provides ClickAnalyze to emphasize the importance of having required information at any moment to analyze and make decisions. This tool requires just several mouse clicks to create, view, structure, and print reports on current work status of mobile staff in tables or charts. This also enables timely monitoring KPI levels, which is one of the most important task for any service company.