SAP S/4HANA is a heart of digital business. This software package combines internal and external components in a unified structure that extends beyond traditional ERP.

Finance management

Production performance and innovations for company: Provide high professional support for market needs, language and currency requirements. Scalable, open architecture optimized for databases help facilitate and accelerate financial transactions improving production performance and focus on development of innovative solutions.

Production planning

Improving design and production making them effective and transparent: Efficiency and performance are based on solutions streamlining from planning to production. SAP products help integrate processes and manage product development – from inception to end of lifecycle with all intermediary stages of design, development, testing, production, quality control and support.

Order to purchase

Quote, contracts, cost, fee, and supply management: Improves supplier relations, purchase processing and fulfillment with intelligent dashboards providing unified and timely information. SAP products help optimize order to purchase processes, enhance and support sales reacting to requests, providing information and excellent client service..

Payments and procurement

Competitive advantages through quick decisions for procurement: Helps control and improved efficiency and performance via central system of dashboards. SAP products support full cycle processes from a decision to buy till procurement and payment implementing maximum capabilities in procurements, extension of strategic vendors, and optimization of payment options.

Request to support

Provide immediate response and processing performance. Help extend service features and use SAP S/4 HANA for clear focus on customer information, contract obligations and high performance of service business processes, such as invoicing and work payment settlements.