1C solutions allow managing rertieval, sotrage, and processing of enterprise asset information.

To manage maintenance, you can use the configuration "1C: Technical Maintenance and Repairs" which provides the following features:

  • The subsystem allows handling the reference list of objects to repair, classify them by general specification details, service hours, types of repairs, and modes of operation.
  • During operation of objects of repair, the system receives data on service hours and revealed defects. Registration of defects in a log allows performing analysis and leading planned and out-of-plan repairs activities.
  • There is a concept of repair type defining the scope of work with an object. You can specify the list of consumable materials and labor costs or generate the list of required works.
  • The functionality allows creating schedule of reapirs and maintenance works including registered defects, service time, rules, and external circumstances.
  • Close integration with production subsystem. Objects of repairs can be connected with production work centers..

Primary innovations and development of functionality:

  • accounting and hierarchical classification of objects in operation;
  • monitoring of objects in operation;
  • management by types of repairs;
  • organization and execution of planned and adhoc repair activities;
  • unified system to provide resource requirements in repairs and production activities;
  • full cost of ownership of operation objects.