Easy access to BI tools for data analysis required for better and trusted decisions.

Data warehouse management

Create realtime analytics with modern data warehousing

  • Improve decision making process with unified enterprise data.
  • Provide real-time analytics based on application data and other sources.
  • Reduction of costs and redundancy with stream data transfer and intelligent data access and integration.

Business analytics (platform)

Immediate access to self-service

  • Provide more effective solutions with key information.
  • Increase responsiveness with information access at any time and any place.
  • Reduce IT costs and workloads with flexible BI platform.

Dashboards and applications

Maximum efficiency of business with dashboards and SAP applications

  • Introduction of business analytics in your company with attractive and intelligent dashboards.
  • Improve knowledge and skills with trusted, aggregated data to top managers.
  • Increase mobility with interactive role panels.

Data visualization

Transform data to support data visualization

  • Assign business users with all levels of qualification to analyze and visualize data.
  • Use unified platform to visualize data from different sources and analysis of trends.
  • Share important information creating and distruibuting important infographics.

Reporting and analysis

Share actionable, informative insights with better reports and BI analysis

  • Provide real value for personnel, clients and partners with reports and analysis.
  • Create clear and customizable reports.

Predictive analytics

Facilitate your digital transformation with intelligent analysis

Optimize resources, improve profitability and facilitate decision making with predictive BI.

Create intelligent modelling with automation and algorithms

  • Creation of intelligent models in several days with automation and without coding.
  • Simplifies access to a wide range of algorithms.
  • Faciltation of decision making and scaling to mass deployment