The application is deployable both in cloud and locally. SAP HANA platform is designed to process data a RAM thus accelerating business processes, extending business intelligence features, and simplifying IT environment.


  • Minimizes system complexity. Simplifies IT environment using a unified platform for all analytic applications.
  • Work everywhere. Enhances data-center with customizable settings for SAP HANA deployment.

Key features

  • Transforms database management. Handles transactions and analytics in RAM from a single copy of data.
  • Transforms data processing. Provides access to trusted data using virtualization, integration and replication.
  • Transforms analytical and intelligent features. Employs extended data processing for business processes, texts, spatial information, graphics, and data arrays in a single system facilitating decision making.
  • Transforms applied services. Quickly create prototypes, approve them, develop and offer intelligent applications with customizable tools for development and deployment.