SAP Business Warehouse

Reporting, analytics, and business data interpretation are extremely important to keep and extend competitive advantages due to optimized business processes and timely reaction of market needs. SAP BW helps you integrate, transform and consolidate relevant business information from production SAP applications and external data sources. SAP BW provides highly effective infrastructure that helps estimate and interpret data for balanced and trusted decisions and define key events based on analyzed data.

Features of SAP BW and SAP BEx

  • Development of data warehouses - Development of SAP BW enables integration, transformation, consolidation, removal, and storage of data. This also includes data retrieval for analysis and interpretation.
  • Analytic module - Provides OLAP functions and services, and BW Integrated Planning services.
  • SAP Business Explorer - Includes requests, reports, and analysis. Authorized user can assess legacy or current data with different level of details from various points of view – for web applications and Microsoft Excel.
    BEx Information Broadcasting tools are for content distribution from business analysis tools by email, e.g. as estimation documents with legacy data, or as data links.
  • Common tools and services - Support for development of objects and processes of SAP BW offering data into a system environment using tests and tracking.
  • Interfaces - SAP BW offers open architecture: You can retrieve data from various systems into SAP BW and assess this data to generate reports using client applications and tools.
  • Using SAP HANA database - Using SAP HANA as a database for SAP BW helps effectively perform requests and data download processes.