OpenText Documentum xCP

OpenText Documentum xCP

OpenText Documentum xCP automates and manages business processes providing better efficiency, reliable quality, and quick implementation cycle.

With growing quantity of information and increasing complexity of customer and regulatory requirements, OpenText Documentum xCP enables to improve productivity, provide the highest level of customer service, and evolve quickly as business processes and priorities change.

Faster and smarter

Process automation and analysis provided in OpenText Documentum xCP enable to automate, manage, and improve personnel efforts, optimize information and streamline operation of information systems. The information is easily modelled and integrated in high-load business processes providing users with all necessary data through intuitive interface, supporting mobile devices.

Composition instead of coding

Composition capabilities enable quicker design of solutions employing business processes, information models, and diverse data sources, including Big Data. Active xCP developer community provides access to xCelerators with sample solutions, libraries, tools, and best practices to make development process more efficient.

Model-based system development and reusing components enable the development and deployment of business processes, user experiences, information models and reports.

Dynamic case management

Documentum xCP enables you to create extended solutions for case management integrating personnel, business processes, and information. Case management requires users to collaborate on a particular case, a virtual folder, or all relevant content.

Traditionally case management is used in social services, healthcare, banking, insurance, and legal services. It is a set of work tasks easily duplicated to other activities as a company understands that they can reuse this approach to make information accessible, updated, monitored, and manageable in company’s business processes.