Project implementation with SAP software in project portfolio management

Allows implementing projects with high quality and within budget. SAP PPM solutions offer enhanced tools for centralized control over project cycle – from pre-project survey and scheduling to tracking and reporting. This helps allocate project resources in full accordance with strategy and business goals.

Features of SAP PPM

Project portfolio management

  • Project portfolio correspondence with company business goals and strategy
  • Timely and reliable project view
  • Multiple portfolio management – including projects, program, services – in terms of capital costs, R&D, professional services and IT

Project management

  • Efficient project management with tools for structuring, planning, visualization
  • Support for several models of implementation and management
  • Integration of all HR and finance resources – either from pool of resources, or enterprise wide

Resource management

  • Optimal use of labor resources, capital and equipment
  • Effective use of resources, assignment to projects based on needs, skills and availability
  • Manage requirements for additional resources based on demands, location, skills
  • Identification and application of resources according to organization structure and procedures
  • Updated information on skills and experience of employees

Tracking projects in portfolio and modelling

  • Clear, company-wide view of new tasks and detailed info on each program
  • Maximum information on project costs, forecasts, base criteria, and other KPI’s
  • Display of operational restrictions, launch of scenarios “what-if”, and assessment of influence on budget, resources, and schedules