ClickSoftware company is established in 1996 and is a leading provider of mobile personnel management solutions for customers of any industry and size. The company offers full spectrum of solutions to manage mobile personnel in a unified platform.

ClickSoftware is the company assigned to a leader quadrant by independent international analysts (Gartner, 2011). Clients of ClickSoftware include the following: the largest network of ATM’s in USA - Diebold, BSkyB company, Deutsche Telekom, Philips Healthcare, Southern California Edison, Telstra, Unisys, etc. .

Partner status: Bronze

Qlik® offers a platform for visual analytics providing required data and clarification where they mostly needed: at the point of making decision. This allows all employees make decision with confidence and transform business analysts and data specialists into unrivalled experts.

SNP Schneider-Neureither Partner AG is a German developer of specialized software that makes it possible to significantly reduce risks and time frames for the execution of business system transformation projects, including upgrades, system merges and splits, migration and other system landscape optimization projects. SNP AG was founded in 1994. The company's portfolio currently includes more than 1,500 implemented system transformation projects. SNP AG is a globally recognized leader in SAP landscape optimization and transformation. The company's staff includes more than 200 specialists in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA and RSA.

ABBYY is a global leader in intelligent processing of information and linguistics. More than 40 million users and tens of companies use this software.

Partner status: Bronze Integrator

Russian company "1С" is established in 1991 and specializes in development, distribution, deployment, and support of software for automation of management and accounting at enterprises in diverse industries, applications and types of financing. The most wide spread product includes solutions for complex automation of production, retail, and service enterprises, products for finance management for holdings and individual companies, bookkeeping, salary management and human resources, accounting in budgetary institutions, various industry-wide and specialized solutions developed by 1C company, their partners, and independent third parties.

Partner status: Permanent Partner

“New Cloud Technologies” is a Russian developer of collaboration solutions for all types of documents, exchange of messages, and file storage. Since 2013, the company develops software products for Russian users under the brand МойОфис® (MyOffice). The company personnel counts 260 employees.

МойОфис® (MyOffice) is a Russian software package offering a platform for collaboration in document edit and storage, mail system, and full range of up-to-date office applications for all desktop and mobile platforms: Windows, from Windows XP, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, web browser version.

Partner status: Registered Integrator