SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud solution offered under SaaS model combines all necessary analytical functions including planning, forecast analysis, and business intelligence (BI).

SAP Analytics Cloud facilitates financial planning and analysis and enables user collaboration in real-time mode.

  • Data detection, visualization, planning and forecasting unified in a single product.
  • Reliable solution based on SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Affordable prices and easy-to-deploy due to SaaS subscription model.
  • Built-in integration capabilities for local applications and data sources.

Key features

  • Forecast analytics - Uses controllable machine detection approach to help users create forecasts, find key influence factors, detect anomalies, and analyze alternative scenarios.
  • Planning capabilities - Tools for collaboration and data analysis are built in planning processes directly, so users do not need to switch between applications.
  • BI features - Best-in-class analytical solution resolves any issues in a couple of click. You can connect to diverse sources, prepare and combine their data, visualize analysis results and pwerform activities right from the application.
  • SAP Digital Boardroom - SAP Digital Boardroom is a solution to gather meeting with interactive presentations based on SAP Analytics Cloud.