“ID – Management technologies” LLC is among top 10 largest SAP support outsourcers in Russia

“ID – Management technologies” LLC is among top 10 largest SAP support outsourcers in Russia

“ID – Management technologies” LLC is in TAdviser’s rating “Outsourcing of SAP solutions support: the largest market players in Russia”.

This new rating by TAdviser analytical center provides revenues of the largest Russian SAP solution support outsourcing providers in 2015-16. “ID – Management technologies” LLC is among Top-10 largest IT companies rendering support and maintenance of SAP solutions also indicating 7% growth rate. The largest customers include PAO “FGC UES”, PAO “MOESK”, PAO “IDGC of Center and Volga Region”, and others.

“Today, the SAP support outsourcing market growth is mostly based on previously deployed solutions, extension of functionality, outsourcing of complex tasks by customers. Cooperation with external IT partners, especially in support of such complex platforms as SAP, is a considerable opportunity for customers to reduce expenses”, says Roman Konovalov, General Director, “ID – Management technologies” LLC. Therefore, we see our primary duty in permanent enhancement of expertise and SAP team qualifications, solution of the most complex customer needs, providing invariably high level of quality, predictability and flexibility of services. All these features are a foundation of successful outsourcing”.

“ID – Management technologies” LLC is also specialized at development and support of SAP-based solutions in resource planning, real property management, customers and supplier relations, technical maintenance, business analytics, mobile solutions, and the projects for SAP system transformation.

According to experts of TADviser analytical center, the Russian market for SAP solution support shows ever-growing dynamics these days. The need for SAP support outsourcing remains high – trying to save expenses, customers pays more attention to a complex outsourcing. Current market size for SAP support outsourcing in Russia is estimated in 3 billion roubles (excluding insourcing IT subsidiaries of large organizations). Positive market dynamics is expected for several coming years.

Source and full rating at: http://www.tadviser.ru/index.php/Статья%3AКрупнейшие_аутсорсеры_поддержки_решений_SAP._Ранкинг_TAdviser_2017