Project to enhance automated docflow management system at PAO “Rosseti” accomplished


“ID – Management technologies” LLC have successfully accomplished the project to enhance the automated docflow management system (ASUD) at PAO “Rosseti”. Experts of “ID – Management technologies” LLC have developed and deployed additional functionality to the system to improved efficiency of available document management resources.

User-friendliness and enhanced tools of the ASUD at PAO “Rosseti” are based on deployment of a set of brand-new functional features including full-text search subsystem and user interface optimization. These measures allowed reducing time spent at the system search and processing of information.

Project scope also included mechanism for testing completeness and integrity of outgoing data among the “Rosseti” group of companies, capable of detection and processing of errors due to incorrectness and lack of required data.

Separate attention has been paid to development of mobile solution of ASUD to work with Apple iPad providing real-time access of top management to the company’s documentation, helping make managerial decisions beyond their workplaces, and permanently control task execution.

Implementation of project tasks by experts of “ID – Management technologies” LLC created analytical reporting subsystem that pre-generates basis reports and create new report templates based on presset parameters: quantity, execution dates, settlement terms for documents, tasks, document types, structure subdivisions, and individuals.

As a result of this ASUD improvement at PAO “IDGC of Center”, they managed to reduce time spent on document search and processing, develop applied mechanism to view and modify message contents between group members, optimize system interface, and add functionality for personal user settings.

“Jointly with the project team of “ID – Management technologies” LLC, we have implemented a project to improve efficiency and functionality of automated docflow management system at PAO “Rosseti”. Project accomplishment resulted in considerable improvement of system operation, increase in the number of automated functions, set up system access from mobile devices, optimize docflow exchange between subsidiaries”, says Alexander Trofimov, the Head of Administrative Department, PAO “Rosseti”.

“PAO “Rosseti” and “ID – Management technologies” LLC have close cooperation in development and evolution of automated docflow management system (ASUD) at PAO “Rosseti”. During the project, project team of “ID – Management technologies” LLC has executed all tasks, followed specified time schedules, and provided standard system operation without interruptions to introduce this new functionality”, noticed Michael Egorov, the Head of project department, “ID – Management technologies” LLC.

About PAO “Rosseti”
PAO “Rosseti” is an operator of electric energy grids in Russia, one of the largest electric power line operators worldwide. The headcount is 216,000 employees. Company properties include 37 subsidiaries and affiliates including 14 inter-regional and bulk power supply companies. Controlling shareholder is Russian Federation represented by Federal Agency for State Property Management of RF, who own 87.9% capital share.