“ID – Management technologies” LLC becomes authorized SAP Cloud Service partner


“ID – Management technologies” LLC becomes SAP partner with PE—Silver level in terms of SAP Cloud Procurement, SAP Cloud Open and SAP CEC Cloud for Service & Sales. “ID – Management technologies” LLC is an authorized SAP partner since 2014. With this new status the company can implement SAP-based cloud solutions and provide access to cloud services for clients.

SAP cloud services started active evolution at the Russian market. Director of SAP practice, Viktoria Lebedeva says that “this is a prospective direction helping clients considerably reduce costs of installation, setup and maintenance of local IT infrastructure. To the end of the year, the Company plans to receive an authorization for such solutions as SAP Cloud Human Resources and SAP Cloud S/4 HANA.

SAP Cloud Platform allows creating up-to-date cloud mobile applications available for secure integration of company business processes. Today, SAP Cloud Platform combines about 40 diverse services – from Internet of Things (IoT) to forecast algorithms and machine translation. SAP Cloud Procurement is a cloud solution increasing procurement efficiency and supplier relations. SAP CEC Cloud offers services to automate marketing and sales management, sales analytics, CRM, and e-commerce.

“Interest to cloud calculations grows in Russia: according to forecasts of SAP and Forrester Research, the market is growing with CAGR 21%, i.e. quicker than the IT market as a whole, and is expected to grow till 48 billion roubles to the end of 2020. Based on market experience, the main advantage of on-premise systems migration to cloud environment is the ability of cost saving on servers tech support. Virtual server operation is supported by provider not customer enabling considerable reduction of expenses on installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure”, says Viktoria Lebedeva.

Some SAP cloud services, such as Success Factors, Ariba, HANA Enterprise Cloud, Integrated Business Planning, are now available in vendor data-center.

As Viktoria Lebedeva says, the benefits of uploading to a SAP cloud depend on a subscription selected by client. She supposes that the best option is Private Cloud: a client receives all required system modifications and connection to reliable virtual infrastructure of the vendor. In this case, integrator provides all services for implementation, customized amendments, and solution support.