PAO "IDGC of North West"

PAO "IDGC of North West"
Recommendation letter

OAO “IDGC of North West” expresses appreciation to “ID – Management technologies” LLC for successful and high quality implementation of the project for modernization of automated system for management docflow (ASUD) based on EMC2 Documentum.

Competent experts, flexible response to customer requests, ability to focus resources to challenging issues for their earliest solution – all these have positive recommendation for the Company during our joint implementation of the project. Benevolent and careful attitude of “ID – Management technologies” LLC helped us overcome traditional internal resistance to new and unfamiliar system.

OAO “IDGC of North West” recommends “ID – Management technologies” LLC as a reliable, experienced, and responsible business partner in terms of development of enterprise information systems. .

Head of Department of
corporate and technological automated control systems